Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not really world changing tech, but we can expect a general trend away from both buttons and touch screens towards augmented reality... as soon as it doesn't make you look like Larry from Arrested Development Season 3.

FTA: The folks at MIT have christened their wearable prototype Wear Ur World (WUW), a device cobbled together using everyday gizmos like a mobile projector, Webcam, and mobile phone. Hopefully, when the final product does ship, it'll reveal a sleeker, less clunky rendition without the colored finger bands, and one that has a discreet mode for when you need to access information privately.

Particularly neat: As a demonstration of its capabilities, the wearer can draw a circle on his wrist, prompting the gadget to project a digital clock face.

I had previously read about either this, or a similar system, but now I can't find the original article. It had other details, like holding your hands in front of you in a square activates the camera mode. By incorporating common gestures the device is very intuitive and, thus, very likely to catch on.

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