Wednesday, February 4, 2009

iLife 09: First Impressions

I have to say, overall I'm impressed with the majority of the new features of the new iLife suite:


What I love: The face recognition, while not perfect, is amazing, but the Facebook sync has to be the best new feature. You can upload albums to your profile, and when people tag your photos, you can sync those tags back to iPhoto!

What I'd like to see: While Faces, Places, and Events are nice, not everyone uses them. I like that iTunes allows you what type of libraries to show (Music, Movies, Podcasts, Etc). I'd like to see a similar feature for the iPhoto sidebar.


What I love: Precision editing is great; it's odd that it took them this long to add it!

What I'd like to see: It was too bad iMovie's companion iDVD didn't get any noticeable updates. While online video is becoming the fad, DVD is still popular as a family video medium.


What I love: A visual representation of virtual amps and pedals is a nice step in making amateur recording fun and user friendly. While I probably won't use the "Learn To Play" feature, it's a great tool that if developed, may give Practica Musica a fair amount of competition (although I don't see Apple offering theory lessons in the future).

What I'd like to see: With the virtual pedals, I'd love for Line 6 or M-Audio to create a USB stompbox to give it an authentic experience. I'm also hoping that they eventually create an environment like where musicians can collaborate on projects through the web.


What I love: Finally, they added direct FTP publishing! The process I had to go through in order to update all of my websites was just to complicated (while other programs offered FTP publishing, nothing beats the WYSIWYG capabilities iWeb offers).

What I'd like to see: There's still a few features that are easy to offer to external sites that they limit to MobileMe published sites (password protection, RSS). If they want to keep MobileMe popular, they should consider adding domain hosting as a feature of the service.

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