Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Man, it’s speeding up…

I had read about this concept being discussed in serious practical terms for the first time just last week… FTA: A room with 85 microphones and eight cameras that act as the eyes and ears of a projected talking head that is capable of recognizing speakers and turning towards their position. The project by these UPC researchers brings the vision of interacting with machines in a human way one step closer.

… To me this was obviously an early attempt at a smart house, but as the research team behind it admitted, ‘the room "can do the same thing that any other computer can do; that is, it can not do anything physical, but it can provide information. The room", says Josep Ramón Casas, "does not act as a servant, rather it provides answers similar to those we would obtain from a computer."’

I flagged this article with the intent of talking about it… but before I could, I saw this one, FTA: Shimizu Corp and Yaskawa Electric Corp opened the "Smart Showroom" demonstration space as the first step of the "Smart Robotics Building" project, which involves the use of robot technologies in intelligent buildings.

And more: The project is aimed at providing various services and comfortable living environment through combination of building infrastructure technologies and robot technologies. Robots will play the roles of receptionist, guide, delivery personnel, cleaners, guards, etc in place of humans. For example, they will approach visitors, attend to and take them to their destinations in the building.

What this says to me is that even now we’re able to jerry-rig together a handful of systems and tricks to create an approximation of something far greater. Before we have actual AI we’ll have integrated systems that can perform with the approximate sophistication of low level AI. These systems may not seem impressive once you know their tricks, but like a skilled cold reader, they'll be able to blow away a lay person.

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