Sunday, January 11, 2009

MicroJobs. MicroPay.

If you believe that general intelligence is an attainable goal for AI, then you've wondered what a human-less economy will look like. Well, sadly, this might be it...

FTA: After years of globalisation in which rich western economies farmed out dull, repetitive jobs to developing nations, the tables may be about to be turned as businesses start to employ westerners in so-called virtual sweatshops.

Basically, Amazon has a site that lets you do semi-mindless but as yet unautomatable tasks for pennies at a go. If you're extremely good (and a little bit lucky) you might be able to make ten dollars a day.

I'm not a Neo-Luddite. I'm eagerly anticipating the future that's around the corner, but I'm concerned that if we don't take a hard look at the changes coming our way and plan for them in advance we're going to have a horrendously tough transition.