Friday, January 16, 2009

Cure for Cancer, link to aging...

Headline: Protein That Amplifies Cell Death Discovered: Potentially A New Way To Kill Cancer Cells

Basically we're learning a lot about cell death. We can use it kill cancer by triggering the suicide impulse of a cancer cell or we can use this knowledge to *prevent* cell death entirely. This is doubly important as these things share another link, telomeres. Adding Telomeres to a cell can prevent it from reaching its kill point... but could potentially turn that healthy cell into a cancer cell. (Telomeres is present in all cancers.) But if we understand how this works, if we can give old cells an injection of telomeres, and if we can kill any cell given too much telomeres before it becomes cancer is, we have a recipe for immortality.

On the by-and-by, personally, I've no intention of dying.

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