Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Future: There Will be Perverts!

The porn industry (pr0n industry to my leet friends) has always driven technology. To Wit... (SFW... though you might get some looks.)

Setting you back $150 dollars (and your sense of self worth) the 'Real Touch' well... it uh... look you stick your pen15 in it. It syncs up to your porn, matches speed... provides warmth... and lubricant... OK I don't really want to talk about the device itself, but the implications are interesting.

I've often speculated about how different sexual development will be for kids being born today. When I was a boy, acquiring a playboy was a right of passage and it was no mean feat. Essentially you either had to steal one, buy one at an outrageous markup from someone older or hope that an older family member was inattentive with their collection. Now you just type 'boobs' into google. It lacks a certain romance...

Consider though what devices like the Real Touch might do to further erode these coming of age moments (no pun intended). Couple this device with any virtual reality technology and how would this effect dating among the youth? A little? A lot? Not at all?

If you could, as a teenager, have had a sexual encounter with any celebrity that was (and I'm not suggesting the Real Touch is at this level) indistinguishable from the real thing, would you have tried to date the same way you did? Would you still go for the prettiest girl or would your tastes slide back towards personality? Would you have minded taking it slow if you could go home and simulate an encounter with a virtual version of your date? Would there be a new intermediary relationship phase? (We've done everything in VR, but only third base in real life.) And will this further the social isolation of the chronically shy (especially if coupled with any AI that can approximate human interaction)?

Consider this (sfw):

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