Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hey who wants to get drunk, strap on one of these jackets and throw in Evil Dead 2, eh?

FTA: Sometimes you may feel a shiver go up your spine as you're watching a chilling movie scene, but a new jacket can actually give you a real shiver. The haptics jacket, designed by scientists at Philips Electronics, can enable movie viewers to feel movies through a sense of touch, in an attempt to provide full emotional immersion in a film.

Look for that family down the street that everyone only kind of likes to be the first to adopt this tech...


  1. ...because there isn't already enough human fluid on movie theater chairs, now you can sweat with excitement while watching I Love You, Man.

  2. I think the clear thing to do here is put on the jacket and throw in any movie where a guy gets a lapdance....

    ...when do you think they're gonna make pants?