Friday, May 15, 2009

Broadway and Technology

Autodesk Reveals the Secrets of the Shrek Magic Mirror

Water Sculpture Makes a Splash on Broadway

Technology and Theatre combine. It’s a beautiful thing, I think. There’s always the question of how are they going to make that book/comic/film/radio piece into a theatrical show? Technological advances and our ability to spread those advances beyond science or medicine help to answer that question. Ultimately, that’s a good thing, no? (You want a helicopter to land on stage? No Problem! You want it to rain on the queen? Sure! You want Spiderman to literally climb the walls and fly? We’ll see come 2010.) It’s certainly exciting and friggin’ cool. Will there ever come a point where there could be no difference between watching a film or a music concert or a performance piece due to all the technology blending together bringing out a new kind of experience to viewers/audiences?

Here's a video with clips of the Mirror.

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